We have listed a few FAQ’s to make sure you’re on track. If your question is not one from below, feel free to reach out to our support squad at

Are payments to MEGA SUPA MARKET secured?
Yes. All transactions are handled by our secure payment partner iVeri Payment Technologies ( This PCI-DSS Level 1 certified transaction platform and credit card storage vault has all the requirements to securely process your transaction. All your payments are authorised with a PIN; and information that is transferred throughout the payment process is protected with an encryption key. This means that your information cannot be traced, intercepted or used by unauthorised third parties. Your credit card will not be kept in our system.

What is MasterCard SecureCode®, Verified by Visa and PayD?
These are the latest security implementations to secure customers who are shopping online. They have recently been implemented by all relevant banks and require users who wish to purchase anything online to register their credit or debit cards for this purpose. Once your card is registered, you will receive an OTP (One Time Password) which allows you to complete your transaction. Registering your card does not take long, and you would need to do this sooner or later!

Can I use a foreign credit card to pay?
Yes certainly. But please remember that delivery will still only be limited to South Africa.

When does MEGA SUPA MARKET charge my card?
Your debit or credit card which you use to make payment which will be charged as soon as you click ‘Checkout’ on your basket. You will receive an order confirmation soon after by email to show the payment made for your order.

Why is my credit card payment not going through?
Make sure that all the card details you have entered are correct. Check that your card number, expiry date, name of card and 3-digit CVC number all match the card. And also check that there is enough money on your card.